The concept of APTOSA was moved by our old students and stalwarts of 1960’s prominently by Sri C. Suryanarayana, P. Mallapa Raju and KGK Murty. During Nov 2003, around 30 old students met the Principal, a committee was constituted and the formation of APTOSA (Andhra Polytechnic Old Students Association) was announced on 16/11/2003. The same was registered in Kakinada (AP) bearing registration no. 973/2003. The main objectives of APTOSA are:
  1. To renew and maintain contact between old students and APT and among old students themselves by conducting conventions every year.
  2. To establish academic linkage between APT and old students so that their varied and rich knowledge could be transferred to the present students.
  3. To create an Institute Development Fund with donations from old students and the general public for repairs to the old buildings and also for creation of additional facilities.
  4. To celebrate Diamond jubilee in the year 2006.
  5. To build and office complex/guest house for APTOSA.
  6. To help poor/best students to pursue their studies.
Most of the objectives were fulfilled and the details were given during the Diamond Jubilee celebrations in 2006. Two annual conventions were conducted in 2004 and 2005. The major activities carried out by APTOSA in co-ordination with APT and governments are 1) The repairing of the roof for the main the building including chemical treatment of the leaking roof. 2) Creation of the E-Class room. Further in 2021 the APTOSA is planning to celebrate the Platinum Jubilee, 75 years of the APT starting (1946-2021). The present executive committee of APTOSA consists:
  1. Mallapa Raju- President
  2. Ravi Kumar – Treasurer.
  3. Tataji – General Secretary.